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MACBETH – Compagnia Rodisio

How can a story so cruel like Macbeth is, be represented for children? But, the real question is… can this story be represented to a very young audience? Before today probably I would have said no. Shakespear is too direct, impressive for children that are spreading their best period of life, but the Compagnia Rodisio/Elsinor […]

Circus Funestus – Sofie Krog

Adults and children are so similar! They can feel the same feelings, smile for the same reasons, laugh in the same way, dream the same places, be as naive and happy as babies. This surely happens to watch a performance at the theatre, but it’s possible only if the actors are able to involve the […]

White: The joy inside colours

What if the world was completely white? What if white was the only appreciated colour? What if each colour was put in a bin? Cotton and Wrinkle live in a world completely surrounded by white and are very happy about looking after eggs. One day their life changes, given that among their white eggs a […]


Kitchen Table The Kitchen Table is a special format born during the T.E.E.N. Project and released in order to involve teenagers from different parts of Europe: Italy, Norway and Denmark. In this situation teenagers, professionals of the cultural field, teachers and general audience can discuss a topic related to the cultural field and the teenagers’ […]

SEGNI New Generations Festival 2018

October 27th, November 4th 2018 Mantua A programme of 300 events: shows, workshops, meetings, presentations and round tables imagined to create opportunities that aim to generate a discussion and a reflection, between: young people and adults, teachers and students, artists and audience, in order to build the ability to be a community. It’s an edition […]


We would love to have you at the final meeting of T.E.E.N. Theatre European Engagement Network, the cooperation project realised by Segni d’infanzia (Italy), Teatercentrum (Denmark), Norsk Scenekunstbruk (Norway) and the Centre for Theatre Studies/University of Lisbon (Portugal) funded by Creative Europe. The final meeting will be held during the XIII edition of SEGNI New Generations Festival (Mantua, […]


ENGLISH “Diva is a puppet play about an opera singer, her waiter, an ugly professor with no legs and his mouse-servant. The doctor wants to create a potion to become the most beautiful person on earth, but he needs some special ingredients which he orders the mouse to get. Meanwhile Diva, the opera singer, is […]


ENGLISH AlgoRitmo is a play about the music and the different types of music that surround us. Music can be made with different types of stuff and this is what the actor does. Starting with a luggage and then some rubber bands he creates different types of sounds, he also involves the audience who can […]

“No fun ction alL anguage”

ENGLISH “No fun ction alL anguage is a play divided in chapters, that talks about different types of communication. The chapters, even if they were linked by the same topic, were very different, I liked some of them, but not them all. Especially I didn’t like the one about the silence, it was really boring and […]

DORIAN GRAY- La bellezza non ha pietà

Recensioni dello spettacolo Dorian Gray – La bellezza non ha pietà visto sabato 12 maggio ore 16.00 presso il Teatro Celebrazioni, Bologna.   Credits una produzione Pierre Cardin e Rodrigo Basilicati testi e musiche Daniele Martini con Federico Marignetti e Marco Vesprini video designer Sara Caliumi regia e allestimenti Wayne Fowkes e Emanuele Gamba   […]