White: The joy inside colours

What if the world was completely white? What if white was the only appreciated colour? What if each colour was put in a bin?

Cotton and Wrinkle live in a world completely surrounded by white and are very happy about looking after eggs.

One day their life changes, given that among their white eggs a red one is found. This is a brand new beginning for them.

In my opinion “White” is a lovely and amusing play for both children and adults, thanks to its themes, its scenery and its characters. In fact, Cotton and Wrinkle look like a cartoon which is very attractive for children in particular.

The power of colours, social inclusion and the pleasure of discovery are just some of the themes which can be found in this play and although there are not many dialogues a great energy can be felt during the entire performance.

The scenery should be underlined as well, given that it immediately attracts the audience’s attention. Indeed, the stage is embellished by some white birdhouses and a white tent.

In the end, I would definitely recommend this play not only to children but also to teenagers and adults, because nobody is too old for colours and laughter.

Denise Mirandola – 18 years old
SEGNI New Generations Festival 2018