Kitchen Table

The Kitchen Table is a special format born during the T.E.E.N. Project and released in order to involve teenagers from different parts of Europe: Italy, Norway and Denmark. In this situation teenagers, professionals of the cultural field, teachers and general audience can discuss a topic related to the cultural field and the teenagers’ engagement following certain rules and using a special microphone.

On the other hand, Spunti(ni) Critici is a meeting which happens during SEGNI New Generations Festival where the audience has the opportunity to get in touch with the artists. To be more specific, during this initiative for the first time it was applied the Kitchen Table format and so the TEENs interviewed directors, reviewers and actors in order to better understand the previously watched plays.

The TEENs focused on certain necessities such as receiving keys from the actors in order to correctly understand the performance. Then, they found out teenagers are not particularly fond of “open works” and would rather watch plays where the message is clear and direct.

During the Kitchen Table, the TEENs presented a video where they expressed what drama should be like to involve more teenagers and where the project partners – Cristina Cazzola, Segni d’infanzia artistic director, Henrik Køhler, Teatercentrum CEO, Kjell Moberg, Scenekunstbruket project manager and Rui Pina Coelho, Lisbon University professor – talked about how to create a dialogue between cultural operators and the young audience.

The TEENs suggest that teenagers don’t want to go to the theatre with their schools, where plots must be previously studied at school. In fact, the young audience would like to watch something fresh, contemporary and would like to talk with the actors and the directors.

In their opinion, drama must be hilarious, universal and emotional. The TEENs would like to see cool titles, viral trailers and posters on Instagram so as to involve more teenagers.

Thanks to the Kitchen Table, the TEENs managed to discuss and debate so as not to achieve answers but in order to make the audience think.

Different nations, a different point of views and a common wish: teenagers should change “I don’t like drama” into “I don’t like this show”, because the young audience must be critical and not narrow-minded.

Denise Mirandola – 18 years
SEGNI New Generations Festival – 1st November 2018