MACBETH – Compagnia Rodisio

How can a story so cruel like Macbeth is, be represented for children? But, the real question is… can this story be represented to a very young audience? Before today probably I would have said no.

Shakespear is too direct, impressive for children that are spreading their best period of life, but the Compagnia Rodisio/Elsinor Centro di produzione teatrale was able to perform like if it was a fairy tale. And, like every fairy tale, there was a witch, but in this novel the witch was not the real enemy. She was a sort of fortune-teller who could foresee the future. Macbeth was the real villain, “the lion for a poor rabbit”.

When the witch predicted that he would have become the king, his wife persuaded him to kill the king and take the crown as soon as possible. But then? After such a terrible action what might have happened? The society would have had a king that gained the power by the murder of an aristocratic, in particular of the previous king. May the new king and his lady have forgotten their cruel actions? Or would they have become fool?

Inspiring and dramatic, this performance included music, a sort of tribal dance, and a few plays with shadows and lights. The screenplay was essential and the audience had to use a deep and genuine imagination, but in any case, this has been made easier by the emphasis of the actors, the melodious voice of the witch and the ability to fill in the space of the stage. For a lot of time, the light was weak and, using this expedient, the actors caught the attention of the public and made the story more solemn.

Martina Bosi – 15 years old
SEGNI New Generations Festival – 30th October 2018