Circus Funestus – Sofie Krog

Adults and children are so similar! They can feel the same feelings, smile for the same reasons, laugh in the same way, dream the same places, be as naive and happy as babies. This surely happens to watch a performance at the theatre, but it’s possible only if the actors are able to involve the audience and to create the atmosphere of being together without any nightmares or bad mood. The theatre has to make people dream. And such an incredible thing like this happened at the Spazio Oberdan, where Circus funestus was performed. What did it consist in? It was an unbelievable play of puppets, lights, shadows and other special effects! All show was based on puppets, so the actors were behind a sort of big castle, behind which they animated a nice microphone, which was the presenter of the circus, a kind female elephant in love with a minuscule and romantic flea, two pop-corn acrobats, two strange jokers, who were in trouble with an enigmatic door, and many other characters. Of course, as a normal fairy tale, there was a villain that tried to be in the centre of the scene destroying the artists’ works. And… do you know how can theatre and cinema cooperate? Well… taking a fantastic puppet-camera used to zoom the exciting actions, like walking on a ball, which was done by the flea that was so little that no one could see it without a camera! And… what about special effects? Some unthinkable noises, the waves of the sea, the breath of the winds…

Are you curious to discover what must be fought by these unusual characters? Do you want to be surprised by the glasses-music of the elephant, or by the jump of the flea in a lake that was the piranha’s comfortable home? Are you ready to exit the real world and leave the imagination to enter you? Do you hope to take part in a sort of modern and original novel that can make you smile and laugh for a long time? What are you waiting for? Discover this magic world! Be more into the theatre and don’t forget that on some occasions it is much more gripping or moving that television can be.

Martina Bosi – 15 years old
SEGNI New Generations Festival – 30th October 2018