“Rebel Angels”


This show was not clear at all, especially beacuse it was in Norwegian, only a few words were in English but they weren’t enough to understand the story.

The context was enough clear to understand that it is a critic to the capitalism and to nowadays’ society.

For example in some parts of the world there are wars, people are dying and suffering and here, where we have less problems we don’t even talk about that.

Here there are different problems we don’t want to see, we focus on silly things, we don’t realize what’s actually important to talk about.

Capitalism and consumerism shift the attention from human to the object.

The actresses left to the public the job of light techincians by giving us a flashlight, which I considered pretty annoying, I would have preferred “real” lights managed by a real technician. The idea was beautiful and the actresses were good, but I think  it could have been really better.

Rebel Angels. Game over. Lost & found productions, at Showbox festival
29th November 2017

Leda Bonzanini, 16 years old