“Giocando con Orlando” – gripping, funny and unpredictable

This show made me laugh for weeks!

Is a very gripping, funny and unpredictable show.

The show stars Marco Baliani and Stefano Accorsi, two very famous Italian actors, so the acting is convincing.

The story is inspired by the famous book Orlando Furioso, written by Lodovico Ariosto, which is set in the Iberian Peninsula / France, and talks about Orlando, a knight, who is engaged in a war.

It’s a story of love, glory and battles, with some epic and medieval elements.

All the same, the “sketches” were funny.

However, I was sitting in the worst place of the theatre, so I couldn’t see the scenic design.


Giocando con Orlando, director Marco Baliani, with Marco Baliani e Stefano Accorsi

Teatro Sociale, Mantua (Italy), March 8th 2017


Francesco, 14 years old