“Esodo Pentateuco #2” – discovering history

During the afternoon I went outside San’Orsola Theatre and I could see the big poster of Esodo Pentateuco #2. As soon as I saw the image, so cold and blue, which portayed a man alone siting on a chair, I immediatly tought that the actor’s performance would be strong, and that it would speak about an escape, in a biblic key.
I’ve never heard about the massacre of Vergarolla, an important fact for the story plot, with which the play ends. Because I didn’t know this fact, I considered this play very fascinating, also because like the actor told to us, who could render his part so realistic, his family is composed by people who really lived this slaughter.
Some pieces of the screenplay were, by my point of view, not so clear. For example the fact that all the carachters survived the massacre or that the story is set in a cemetery. Despite these facts, I think that the writers and the actor could transmitted us the message that Rudi, the leading character, has done an evolution. At the begging of the show he wanted to go to America, the “promise land”, to look for luck, but during the play he understood that all he needed was there, in the place he had always lived in. He did an interior travel.

Other positives elements of this play are the temporal announcements at the beginning of every chapert.

I remember with pleasure this show.

Esodo pentateuco #2, director Marco Di Stefano, with Diego Runko (La Confraternita del Chianti)

Spazio Studio Sant’Orsola, Mantua (Italy), February 18th 2017


Nicholas, 17 years old